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RSS is still the best, so here’s a few easy feed links if you want to subscribe to my posts here. I personally use The Old Reader as my feed aggregator. Following these will drop new chapters into your feeds minutes after I post them (depending on your reader’s refresh settings).

Alternately, you can subscribe to the entire feed with the sidebar button, or by making a comment on any page (like this one!) and selecting the checkbox beneath.


If you subscribe here, please don’t forget to actually check back in and comment! This place will get a bit lonely if you don’t…

Chapters Feed

Everything new chapter I post, regardless of what book it may be attached to.


The Last Science Feed

Every new chapter related to the whole series, in order (including inter-book chapters, side stories and such).


Blog Feed

Only my blogposts, no chapters.


Full Site Feed

for people who aren’t picky!

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