Etzy’s Blog

  • 2021-11-17 — Tempting fate and spreadsheets
    I’m posting a second blog entry. That puts us one entry away from three. One occurrence is chance, two is coincidence, but three—that’s a pattern. If I get to three, this might actually turn into something. For some reason, that scares me. It’s not as if this is taking away from my writing time; I write this at odd hours […]
  • 2021-11-03 – Etzy’s Blog, Day 1
    Hello! I’ve decided to start blogging. This is a new-ish venture for me—despite having written plenty of prose and a writing blog for Patreon, I’ve never really just sat down and blogged about whatever. However, my mind’s been feeling a bit stuck lately, and this is one of the ways I’m going to attempt a good un-sticking. The blog will be […]