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This is a personal site for all writing I’ve published under the name Etzoli. At the moment, that only includes my primary series, The Last Science. In the future, I may include other works on this site as well, but for now that’s the focus. Enjoy what’s here, and if you like what you see, please let me know! Comments make the internet go beep, after all.

(sidebar: if your internet still goes beep these days you’re probably doing something wrong. Look into that.)


This site has a mobile interface and will remain permanently on dark mode for the sake of other night owls like myself. If you prefer light-themed viewing, I recommend reading at one of the other sites where I will be publishing this in tandem, such as Royal Road. All content will be identical and no sites will receive chapters early (give or take a few minutes). I’m a very platform-agnostic person at heart, so read wherever you prefer! You can even load the RSS feeds with full post content right into your favorite reading app and never see this site again. I also offer email notifications for new chapters as yet another option. If you select one of these off-site options, though, do remember to come back and drop me a note if you’re liking what I’m publishing here, or to send me some hate mail.


With that out of the way, what are you still doing reading this boring old front page? The interesting stuff’s over there!


Unless otherwise stated, all content on this site, including writing, code modifications, design, etc. are my own work. Feel free to link to anything, but please do not post any of this content to another site without my express permission. Thanks.