Convergence — Characters

Characters of Book 2 — Convergence

Perspective characters of book 2 are underlined. Characters are sorted into their home regions, followed by alphabetical order (last name), with a brief minor spoilers description of them (basically, up to chapter 10 or so).

FULL SPOILER WARNING for Book 1. If you have not read book 1 (through Transitions) major spoilers will follow!

Seattle, WA

Name Description
Michael Aderholt Overworked and overwhelmed FBI SeaTac National Security branch station chief
Jeremy Ashe Reluctant and laid-back FBI-NSB-SeaTac Special Agent assigned to the “Rallsburg Incident” case, seeking his missing partner (and sheriff of Rallsburg) Jackie Nossinger
Madelaine “Maddie” Ashe U.S. Senator for Washington, aggressive diplomat, elder sister and confidant to Jeremy
Tyler Belsey Socially awkward member of the Glasses Gang, prone to outbursts and sicknesses, devout follower of Quinn
Tom Brown A homeless man in north Seattle
Maria Cabazanos A streetwalker in north Seattle
Claire Chau Single mother of two, struggling to keep her younger son from following his brother’s footsteps into the gang life of Seattle
Steven Chau Calm and reasonable member of the Glasses Gang, and the most book-smart of the group
Jacob Darwin Enthusiastic young science teacher at Willford Jenkins Middle School
Natalie Hendricks (Jenny Heshire) The youngest survivor of the Rallsburg Incident, now thirteen and hiding under an assumed name in Seattle, living with the Laushire twins and only one of her pets from home. Daughter of the man leading the crusade against the awakened, and one of the “empowered eight”, inventor of new magics involving animals and nature
Percy A red-tailed hawk enhanced by magic, living at the Laushire residence in Seattle
Walt ‘Meltyface’ Jackson Half of a thief duo, known for his distinctive burned face
Lydia Jennings Personal sidekick to Blake Sinclair, stuck-up and snobbish
Scott Johnson A park ranger assigned to the Olympic National Forest, who first discovered Jerry Hauserman’s corpse
Dave Jones Forensic scientist in Olympia who led the investigation team for the Rallsburg Incident
Quinn Kincaid The leader of the Glasses Gang, a shrewd middle schooler with a love for card games, mysteries, and adventure
Annette Kincaid Quinn’s mother, a perpetually-exhausted public defender
Damian Kincaid Quinn’s father, a cheerful bartender
Kendra Thomas Laushire Former economics professor at Rallsburg, currently presumed deceased. Provides the other Ghosts of Rallsburg with a survival fund, houses Natalie Hendricks in a secret magically-concealed home in Seattle. One of the “empowered eight”, inventor of magic to create pocket dimensions and enchanted extradimensional objects, as well as spatial distortions
Lily Laushire Kendra Laushire’s secret twin sister, sharing her life at every level
Kelsey Lincoln Enthusiastic sporty girl at Willford Jenkins, and one of Natalie’s first friends
Lani Makaio A fresh young FBI-NSB-SeaTac agent, recently assigned to be Jeremy Ashe’s partner in March 2018
Courtney Milton Current governor of Washington, and the older half-sister (maternal) of Maddie and Jeremy Ashe
Harley Mitchell Organizer of a drug and prostitution market in north Seattle
Mitch Moon Outspoken, brash member of the Glasses Gang
Christopher Partel Hailey Winscombe’s father, a successful businessman
Blake Sinclair “Most popular” girl at Willford Jenkins, leads a clique of like-minded friends
Frieda Talbot Long-suffering principal of Willford Jenkins Middle School, suspicious of her newest student “Jenny Heshire”
Madison Walters Matron of the Misty Vale orphanage
Shirley ‘Crystal’ Williams A friendly, motherly prostitute in north Seattle
Daniel Wimblemeyer Eager, professional new assistant to Stephanie Winscombe
Stephanie Claire Beatrice Winscombe Successful, outspoken businesswoman, mother of Hailey Winscombe

Tacoma / Kent, WA

Name Description
Alden Bensen III (Zack / Alzack) Unknowing younger brother of a god, rattled survivor of a genocidal massacre, and cautious recruiter for the new age of magic
Alden Bensen II Patriarch of the Bensen clan
Julia Bensen Matriarch of the Bensen clan
Margaret “Meg” Bensen Youngest sibling of the Bensen children, the most outspoken, resentful of her brother’s magical ability, but eager to get herself involved in any way she can
Trevor Halliday Friend of Rupert Roche with a tendency to speak his mind without thinking, despite his good intentions
Jonathan Hudson High school senior and one of the new wave of awakened post-Rallsburg, with a theatrical flair and poor judgment
Drew Jacobs Apprentice electrician, new-wave awakened recruited by Alden and Hailey Winscombe
Alexander Malich Police lieutenant in Tacoma
Kelly McGregor Meg Bensen’s on-again off-again best friend
Katie Nelson Stay-at-home mother, new-wave awakened recruited by Alden and Hailey Winscombe
Ashley “Ash” Newman Ruby Dahl’s abusive, homophobic father
Elissa Piao Friend of Rupert Roche and Hailey Winscombe with a bit of a drinking problem and harboring a secret crush
Rupert Winston Patrick Roche Hailey Winscombe’s unexpected British-born boyfriend, post-Rallsburg awakened, and in school to become a nurse
Malcolm Silverdale Jessica’s overwhelmed and terrified father
Jessica Silverdale Hailey Winscombe’s best friend, a quiet shy girl rendered unable to understand any forms of language due to a magic ritual gone awry. In love with Hailey and spends virtually every minute by her side. One of the “empowered eight” and widely believed to be the most powerful awakened outside of the Three Gods
Beth Silverdale Jessica’s despairing mother, always seeking something to blame for her troubles
Stebbins An ex-Army marksman working as a rapid-response police unit in Tacoma
Hailey Aurora Elizabeth Winscombe Joyful daredevil, loyal friend, brilliant student, and headstrong warrior of the new age. One of the “empowered eight”, but commonly believed to be the weakest of the group (though still far outstripping typical awakened). Holder of the only known remaining intact page from the Grimoire
Ted Winters A local newscaster in the Olympia/Tacoma region, who was on-air and first broke the story of the Rallsburg Incident. Subsequently earned a great deal of journalistic credibility by pursuing the story and relentlessly questioning the lack of progress from the FBI

British Columbia

Name Description
Julian Black A former deliveryman and shifty entrepreneur from Rallsburg, one of the few survivors of the Incident. Partially responsible for Hector’s grocery store exploding
Nefertiti “Neffie” Bowman Shrewd intelligent woman, and the “town beauty” of Rallsburg due to her exotic appearance (which she deliberately played up). Brother of Deputy Preston, and formerly employed by Brian Hendricks as an assistant for the apartment complex supporting the University
Preston Bowman Deputy to Jackie Nossinger, a bit slow, but very eager and reasonably competent, often overshadowed by his younger sister Neffie
Boris Morozov A former deep-cover agent for Russian intelligence who defected to the United States, and was ordered to remain in Washington as part of his agreement with the CIA. Used to run a small bookstore in town, and one of the very few friends of Grey-eyes
Jacqueline “Jackie” Nossinger Former sheriff of Rallsburg, a no-nonsense older woman who watched her quiet town burn down under her watch, helped the survivors escape into hiding
Hector Peraza Timid former grocery store owner of Rallsburg who always seems to end up in the wrong place and rejected by every home he’s ever found. One of the “empowered eight”, formerly the strongest of the awakened in Rallsburg, responsible for breaking up the first fight between Alpha and Omega and ejecting them from the town
Dan Rhodes Owner of the small Rallsburg town diner, “most trusted man in Rallsburg”. Fled across the border with his friend Boris

Greywood (Olympic Forest)

Name Description
Yusuf al-Fayed A brave and loyal member of the Cult of the Grey, firm believer in Grey-eyes and in Cinza as a leader. Widower, lost wife and two daughters to a ritual cult suicide in the past.
Cinza The founder and de facto leader of the Cult of the Grey, a smart and careful leader of her people. In the wake of Rachel DuValle’s disappearance, one of three effective leaders of the new wave of awakened, though fiercely independent and anti-establishment
Ruby Dahl (Hannah Newman) A teenage runaway from an abusive father, an artsy girl with a flair for the dramatic and a playful nature. Cinza’s lover and primary lieutenant in their group.
Gwen A huge grey wolf, Natalie’s faithful pet and guardian, enhanced by magic. Now patrols the Greywood and surrounding region, awaiting Natalie’s return.
Rufus Hill The oldest of Cinza’s cult, former woodsman and hunter, a jovial man always on the verge of a chuckle
Makoto Kirishima Cinza’s other closest lieutenant in the Cult. A quiet young man from Portland harboring a secret crush on Ruby, with several unique magical abilities such as water manipulation
Joe McKinney Son of Rallsburg’s handyman, stuck around with the Cult after fighting alongside them during the riots. Became a member to impress Nikki Parsons, but she broke up with him after a few months
Joshua Miller One of the original elected Council of the Awakened, and the only one still remaining in Rallsburg. A social expert and an excellent cook, but the most cautious of the trio leading the new wave
Nicole “Nikki” Parsons Runaway daughter of the Parsons family in Rallsburg (deceased), joined the Cult of the Grey as a rebellious act but became a true believer. Now one of the rare Knowledge affinities, with a specialty in divining information and scrying
Scrappy An unusually large copper-colored mountain lion, Natalie’s first pet. Wounded in a fight with Omega, now spends most of its time near the Greywood cabins
Brittany Wilkins Member of the Cult of the Grey, a bit of a skeptic but sticking with her husband nonetheless. Lost one of her legs to a bear trap set by Robert Harrison.
Matthew Wilkins A true believer of the Cult of the Grey, has faith that Grey-eyes will find a way to resurrect his long-deceased son Jake

London, UK

Name Description
Tessa “Rook” Hunter A ruthless mercenary sniper, partner to Viper, disgusted by magic in all its forms
Wendell Culver Co-founder of the Culver-Malton Group, a multinational conglomerate, now retired
Stefen “Viper” Gearhardt An easy-going awakened mercenary sent to Rallsburg to investigate Kendra Laushire, ended up discovering magic instead. Ordered to return with the most powerful specimen he could find. Ultimately left with a non-magical prize: a backdoor into Laushire Enterprises provided by Rika Nishimura
Sir Thomas Laushire Chairman and CEO of Laushire Enterprises, strict, harsh father of Kendra and Lily Laushire
Mary Laushire Brusque professor at the London School of Economics, mother of Kendra and Lily
Cornelius Ferdinand Anastasia Malton Chairman and CEO of Culver-Malton Group and CEO of Malton Solutions, a private military company and mercenary group. Sent Viper and Rook to Rallsburg.

Norwalk, CA

Name Description
Hugo Rodriguez One of Hailey Winscombe’s group of five friends, and the only one of the group not to awaken. Distrustful of magic, left before the fight between the Gods and went home to California. Best friends with Ian Wong.
Ian Wong The clown of Hailey’s group, and an avid gamer. Best friends with Hugo and Jessica, left Rallsburg in terror after witnessing the fight between Alpha and Omega.

Galloway, OH

Name Description
Weston Davis Hailey Winscombe’s ex-boyfriend, and the reason she originally attended Rallsburg University. A bit of a control freak, despite his apparent laid-back nature, and (accidentally) responsible for Jessica’s current condition. Left Rallsburg shortly after, guilt-ridden.

Chicago, IL

Name Description
Lori Hendricks Natalie Hendricks’ estranged mother, from whom Brian fled across the country with his daughter in 2012 (when Natalie was 7), after winning full custody


Name Description
Alpha One of the Three Gods, the original group of awakened. Described as aloof and rigid, abiding by his chosen rules no matter the cost. Wants magic to spread and permeate the world naturally without his influence. Identity unknown to anyone apart from Grey-eyes.
Beverly “Grey-eyes” Bensen The first person to awaken, one of the Three Gods, and potentially the most powerful person in the world. So named as her eyes are the first things seen by anyone after awakening. Erased herself from the memory of everyone after Alpha and Omega threatened her to pick a side, in order to protect her loved ones from them. Is the only path for anyone to awaken from the Scraps, having memorized the whole Grimoire. Can teleport, turn invisible, and much more.

Only four people know her true identity: Rachel DuValle—who used it to blackmail her—Lily Laushire and Rika Nishimura, and Hailey Winscombe, who was Beverly’s roommate and best friend before her memory was erased.

Brian Hendricks A slumbering crusader burning with vengeance, collaborated with Omega to kill all of the awakened in Rallsburg. Motivated by a desire to protect Natalie and a deep-seated fear of what the awakened are capable of. Now heads a group of like-minded individuals hunting the awakened who scattered from the destroyed town. Is unaware of his daughter’s status as an awakened, though Natalie is well-aware of his own involvement.
Rika Nishimura Daughter of a programming dynasty from Japan, but raised in Canada and disdainful of her family. Was close with her deceased mother and blames her father for the suffering and pain he caused them both, and is currently hunting him down across the world. Escaped Rallsburg by trading away a hole in NishiSoft’s database software (which Laushire Enterprises owns) for a ride on Viper’s helicopter, to be dropped off and forgotten somewhere in the PNW. Now in hiding under the name “Maria”, her mother’s name.
Jeffrey Rosenberg The last man awakened before the Rallsburg Incident, met with Rachel DuValle and decided he would rather stay far away
Ryan Walker A handsome student of Rallsburg University, leader of a small pack of guys, something of a bully, but ultimately a loyal member of the Council and a strong fighter. Fled the town after Cinza’s ritual failed.

Deceased (presumed or confirmed)

Name Description
Amelia al-Fayed Younger daughter of Yusuf, killed by his wife at age 5
Nadia al-Fayed Elder daughter of Yusuf, killed at age 6. Both deceased as a result of a cult ritual suicide
Christina Albrecht President of Rallsburg University, a stern woman. Killed by golems while trying to flee the town following Alden and Hailey
Spencer Ancell A friend of Julian Black and a skilled poker player. Killed by a golem controlled by Brian Hendricks
Logan Bowerson Student at Rallsburg University who was staying through summer break. Tried to kill Alden, shot dead by Julian Black
Robert Harrison The “Traitor of Rallsburg”, led the town on and sewed chaos to help his friend Brian Hendricks. Killed by Brian’s golem after Omega’s death
Jerry Hauserman One of Julian Black’s employees, an obnoxious man and a bit of a coward. Killed by a golem sometime in September 2018
Nathan Hurst A student at Rallsburg University, an amateur movie maker and a former friend of Beverly’s before his memory was erased. Responsible for livestreaming the final two days of the town before its destruction. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town
Aaron McGregor A farming expert with a Ph. D in botany/plant pathology, learned to use magic to accelerate crop growth out-of-season, and a loyal member of Cinza’s cult. Killed by Omega’s golems in the final fight in the Greywood
Oscar McKinney Rallsburg handyman and father of Joe McKinney. Killed by the town mob after the riots for supporting the awakened
Gordon Merrill Rallsburg journalist, skeptical opponent of mayor Rowan Rhistler but otherwise supportive of the awakened. Killed by Roger Quinton and the town mob after the magnetic storm destroyed half the town
Seth Merrill Son of Gordon Merrill, a bully and a follower of Ryan Walker. First person killed by Brian Hendricks, death by golem
Nathaniel “Nate” Price The heir to the town logging fortune, class clown, and last person awakened by the Council. Opportunistic member of the Cult of the Grey (following a crush on Ruby), but fled during the riots of the first night. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town
Katherine Nichols Teacher living in Rallsburg, responsible for educating the few kids in town (Jenny Wilson, Natalie Hendricks, etc.)
Maria Nishimura Rika’s mother, died in 2012 from a brain tumor. A quiet artist and novelist, largely ignored and abandoned by her husband, but beloved by her daughter
Morton Pollock Apprentice to Gordon Merrill, and a member of the Cult of the Grey. Shot by Paul Wilson during the riots, airlifted to Olympia and died in the hospital
Roger Quinton A farmer vehemently opposed to magic, participant in every witch-hunt mob. Killed by Natalie Hendricks on Rachel’s orders, shortly after killing Gordon Merrill
Mason Rhistler Nephew of mayor Rowan Rhistler, and one of the principal teachers of magic and members of the Council. Friend of Rachel DuValle and Josh Miller. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town
Rowan Rhistler Mayor of Rallsburg, opportunistic and political but well-meaning. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town
Sally al-Fayed (née Santiago) Wife of Yusuf, joined a cult called “The Twenty First Circle”, which eventually ended up a mass ritual suicide including their two daughters
Bryan Selnik Mason Rhistler’s boyfriend, unawakened, accompanied him to the Second Summit meeting where Omega confronted the Council. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town
Jackson Smith Omega, the last of the Three Gods, opposed to magic with the belief that the risks and dangers far outweigh the benefits. Orchestrated the destruction of Rallsburg and the attempted genocide of the awakened, with the help of his pawn Brian Hendricks. Eventually shot dead by Rachel DuValle with the help of Alden Bensen.
Mabel Walsh One of the three final original Councilors, an elderly woman with the Knowledge affinity and spells to detect lies and falsehoods
Jenny Wilson Natalie’s best friend, a curious and adventurous girl. One of the catalysts of the fall of Rallsburg, deceased in an accidental backfire just outside town, witnessed by both Rachel DuValle and Brian Hendricks
Paul Wilson Jenny’s father, one of the primary driving forces of the riots and witch-hunts. Shot Morton Pollock, and was subsequently the first person deliberately killed with magic in combat (by Cinza and Ruby in a conjoined magnetic spell)
Ingrid Wilson Jenny’s mother, angry and grieving mother. Presumed dead in the destruction of the town


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